SEONGAN D&C, An Eco-Friendly Nature-like Natural Color Wall Finish System Manufacture for your well-being!


Since established, Seongan D&C has been manufacturing & distributing high quality decorative surface finish products designed specifically in architectural fields. As its slogan says, “Producing Nature-Like Natual Colors.”, Seongan D&C loves, respects, and strives to preserve nature! Thus, Seongan D&C has been specializing in producing VOC-free, eco-friendly paint & coatings originated from non-toxic, harmless materials, and natural stone powders to ensure people’s well-being & safer living environments.

Industry-Leading Luxury Decorative Interior Finish Paint & Coatings

Seongan D&C guarantees to deliver its customers the safest & the best quality paints with vibrant colors, durable, long-lasting finishes to fulfill the ever-growing technical & decorative needs of any indoor & outdoor surfaces. It has stood itself as the number one eco-friendly wall finish manufacturer in Korea and has been supplying its range of products to numerous architectural projects including 5-star hotels, luxury shops, museums, townhouses, coffee shops, restaurants, apartments, department stores, etc..,